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Long before Sri Lanka came under Western Rule, education was primarily in the hands of the priests of the village temple. Temple was the main institution for education. Under Portugues & Dutch rulers the prevailing system was changed and gradually the church started running elementary schools in villages. When the British took over the administration in 19th Century several changes were made in the country’s education system.
Another important influence that entered the Island with British occupation was the realm of Christian missionary education and religious activity. The liberal attitude towards private missionary activity soon attracted many missions to the Island. All these missionary societies concentrated on education, for this was held to be the key to conversion. The government was content to leave education, in the hands of the mission and to subvent them with grants. Besides being economical, it was also the way education was organised in Britain.The British Government in Ceylon had no consistent policy on education, and support to the mission depended on the predilections of the Governor.   Read More>>

Our Leadership

The success of an institution depends on the quality & ability of it’s  leadership. Southlands College was fortunate to have a series of leaders in the form of Principals who have done outstanding service during past 126 years. Among them  Miss Edith Ridge & Mrs G.Daniel are considered as two past principals and two great personalities of two different eras who have done yeoman service to our Alma Mater.

Miss Edith RidgeMiss Edith Ridge
In 1929, Miss Edith Ridge, a young English trained graduate stepped on to the shores of Sri Lanka to be the Vice Principal of Southlands. She succeeded Miss Freethy in 1935 and served the school with much dedication for more than twenty years until she retired in 1956. From 1929 to 1935 Miss Ridge worked under Miss Freethy and helped to develop the good work started by her upgrading the school in many more areas. She became Principal in 1935 and continued the great work initiated by Miss Freethy. Read more>>

Mrs G.DanielMrs G.Daniel
Another memorable period dawned in the annals of Southlands when an experienced teacher Miss G.Daniel assumed duties as Principal of the school in 1976.She devoted her services with much dedication, upgrading the school to a very prestigious position during the last quarter of the 20th Century and could be recorded as a golden era of Southlands. She did her best for the betterment of Southlands and many significant events occurred due to her capable management of all departments in the school during..Read more>>

World Children's Day

G.C.E (O/L) 2015

Under 16 Badminton 2015
Under sixteen badminton team of Southlands College won the under sixteen Badminton all island championship 2015.The team members are Anurangi Masakorala,Danali Wijenarayana,Sethma Dewnimi,Nethmi Liyanage,Neluni Wickramathilaka,Kovidi Mihisarani.
Under 16 Badminton team Championship 2014
Southlands College were the runners up of A division All Island Team Championship.
Under 19 Badminton Team Championship 2014
Southlands College were the runners up of A division All Island Team Championship.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transmit our college to the most prominent seat of learning in Sri Lanka, begetting self-disciplined, morally-uplifted and perfectly skilled women, knitted in love and service capable of rendering towards the well-being and betterment of the society.

Our Mission

Our mission is the task of mastering competences needed to create a conscientious woman perfected in mind, full of love, disciplined in head, mind and body, immaculate in character and conduct capable of being accountable and responsible for the sustainable development of Sri Lanka.

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World Childrens' Day

Southland Students performed  excellently at the G.C.E. (O/L) Examination - 2015 . 79 students got 9 A’s while 46 students got 8 A’s. Amasha Nanayakkara secured the 8th place in the Island and First place in  Galle District.

Amasha Nanayakkara

Purchase of School Bus

The Old Pupils` Association of Southlands College has decided to purchase a bus  for the school to assist with the  transportation needs of the school.
The cost of the bus is estimated around  Rs 6.5 Million. The Secretary of the OPA  sincerely like to request from all the past pupils and well wishers  of Southlands College who are in Sri Lanka and residing overseas  for their financial contributions in order to meet this  financial obligation. Please contact the following office bearers for further details.

Southlands College celebrated International Children’s day on 1st of October with a range of fun filled aesthetic activities.More>>

Hony.Vice President
Mrs.Sheela Kodithuwakku
Mobile: +94773624358

Mrs.Malika Waduge

Mrs.Samintha Weligamage,

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